Staying safe online

Form 7 showed maturity and understanding during our activities connected with Safer Internet Day.

It's been a snow-filled week for all of us, but during English and Humanities, Form 7's heads have still been in the heat-haze of the Amazon Rainforest.

They have been looking at the area from a historical perspective, learning about Ice Age rock art and even creating some of their own modern petroglyphs. They have also been using their powers of description to create a menu for a rainforest cafe, aiming to make even the most disgusting ingredients sound appetising. Examples include:

  • Whole agouti topped with fresh forest leaves (heated) and banana juice (optional) and mango.
  • Five grilled snails on a base of banana leaves topped with mixed nuts
  • Maracuja Mocktail served with a sliced camu camu
  • Juicy Barbequed capybara seasoned with paprika
  • Mango ice-cream freshly picked this morning with a glaze of honey

During Safer Internet Day, the children attended an assembly on the subject of trust online. They also took part in a quiz, which gave the children scenarios with regard to trust online and the results were very reassuring - the choices made by the Form 7s demonstrated a great deal of maturity and understanding of staying safe online.

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