Enter if you dare...

Discover what happened when Form 2 found themselves trapped in a haunted house!

This week the children in Form 2 visited the virtual haunted house... It was terrifying! We opened the creeeea...king door but unfortunately the old wooden door suddenly slammed shut. The whole of Form 2 were inside the house and we could not get out.

The children saw many scary creatures in the house. They saw big, black bats flying around squeaking, brown mice scampering into holes, cracked windows, a killer plant oozing blood and many more scary sights. The smell was horrible. It was like rotten teeth, apples and dead mice. The children felt sticky cobwebs and ghosts fluttering around. It really was a horrible visit but luckily we all escaped in different ways by jumping out of windows. We ran as fast as we could away from the house… never to return!

In Maths the children have been measuring using a ruler. They were very accurate and some children measured using millimetres too. They have also been working on money and giving change from 20 pence.

The children made creation story wheels and we discussed online whether the children believed in the story. Many children said they were unsure, some believed and some children did not. We are set for a very interesting debate ahead when we are all back in school.

During science, the children listened to a variety of sounds and had to guess sounds played on the computer. It was a lot of fun and the children were excellent at identifying them. We went on a sound walk and think we even heard the sheep at Russell House.

A busy, hard working week. I am so pleased we got out of the haunted house … PHEW!

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