The banana diaries

Form 7 have been putting themselves in a banana's skin...

With their Amazon projects drawing to a close early next week, the class have been tidying up the final few assignments, including finding out about the journey of a banana from Costa Rica to the UK. The class loved discovering that bananas go on zip wires and in several baths, before being refrigerated for transportation. We found out some fairly scary facts about banana spiders (hence the baths!) and then enjoyed putting ourselves into a banana's skin and writing a Diary of a Banana.

Some of our anthropomorphised bananas went through an awful lot of emotional times on their journey to the supermarket - tossed away for not being bendy enough, losing friends to baby food and shivering their way in the dark across the ocean in a huge container ship! 

In Maths, the class have focused on shapes and how to work out their dimensions. This week, they have been looking at cylinders, in particular food tins, working towards designing their own labels to fit on tins. What will go in these tins is up to the children, but we have seen some strange things on the Internet - tinned road-tenderised armadillo, anyone?!

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