Supertato saves the day

Our topics in Robins have been St David’s Day and Book Week.

Unfortunately, something had escaped from the freezer over the weekend. It was small, green and looking for trouble. You’ve guessed it, it was the Evil Pea from our Supertato story. Our Robins thoroughly enjoyed all the activities connected with the story and, of course, finding the Evil Pea. They used their super speed and strength to follow the clues and capture the cheeky pea. 

As part of our topic, the Robins had fun with potatoes. They were able to identify which potato was the smallest and biggest and used some fantastic describing words, too. The children were very excited to make a yummy cheese and rosemary potato bake. They picked herbs from our garden and very carefully washed them to make sure they were clean. 

We planted some peas for The Farm and the Robins were also able to take some home. The children are looking forward to watching them grow, so we will keep you updated on their progress. 

Our PE sessions were extra fun this week as there were new resources to explore. The Robins balanced along the super bendy snake and then jumped on coloured spots. The most popular resource was soft play blocks and it was lovely to watch the children be so creative using the blocks in different ways - such as tall towers and trains. 

We continued our ‘kindness’ theme from last week. The Robins refilled our bird feeders and, as a special treat, we bought them a yummy bird cake (nut-free of course). It is lovely to see more and more wildlife visiting our garden so we thought about how we could encourage more insects. We decided to plant some meadow flower seeds which will hopefully attract insects and birds. The children love butterflies so we looked on the RSPB website for tips and ideas on how to attract them into our garden. Apparently they love bananas, so we attached one to our tree. However, we also discovered that something else liked the banana...the Evil Pea! Supertato saved the day and returned him to the icy depths of the freezer. 

So, remember Robins, some vegetables are frozen for a very good reason. Perhaps you should check your freezer over the weekend in case you have an escapee in your house...  


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