From compliments to rainbows

So many exciting things have been happening this week in Form 1!

Firstly, a big hello to Adam who is completely new to Russell House and joined Form 1 for the first time this week. The children have given him a lovely welcome and helped him to settle so quickly.

Monday also saw the start of Science Week which runs throughout the school. In the Pre-Prep, science comes under the umbrella of the area of development known as Understanding the World which is something that permeates the Early Years curriculum, even in play. This week the children have been learning about the life cycle of a variety of creatures which included the butterfly, the frog, the chicken, the ladybird and, by request, the swan.

Happily the life cycle of a swan linked into our book, The Ugly Duckling, which the children enjoyed drawing and writing about after they had heard the story. They felt very sorry for the Ugly Duckling and we discussed how unkind words can hurt a person badly and that giving someone a compliment (which is the word of the week) can make another person feel so happy. In fact, I gave the children a compliment when I realised we had never had to use the phrase ‘If you haven’t got anything nice to say, don’t say it!’, because the children are inevitably so kind to each other in this class.

Tuesday was very exciting as we all dressed in one of the colours of the rainbow and brought in food for those less fortunate than ourselves. The children looked brilliant standing in the sunshine as part of our huge school rainbow and they loved seeing all the food donations laid out as a rainbow. You can watch the video here.

Wednesday involved a little more ‘science’ work as they laid out our seed potatoes carefully in order to encourage shoots to grow before we plant them out in pots. Thursday saw something very lovely happening (Shh…..) as the children bought some very special presents for the very special people in their lives. The children made their way through a lot of wind and rain to do their shopping in our outdoor classroom and I would like to say a HUGE thank you to the parents who manned the stall in such trying conditions. The children absolutely loved it. The children worked with care on a very special card too.

The weather seemed to turn from gales to brilliant sunshine so it was very much a matter of moving inside and then outside at the drop of a hat. With all this rushing around and excitement, together with a good dose of windy weather, we decided to put on some calming music while the children completed some jigsaws. Without prompting, you will be able to see from our photo that some children took this very seriously and immediately adopted a meditative pose to listen (although this did not last too long!).

On Friday the children went back to being their normal very excited selves to see not only that the grass they planted last week had grown even more, but that their runner beans had finally popped up out of the earth. Of course, they are secretly hoping they might be the sort of magic beans that we read about last week!


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