What shall we build?

There have been some very busy builders in Nursery this week.

The children have been making fabulous structures using a variety of construction materials and lots of big imaginations!

There was so much conversation about the story What We'll Build. The children were able to identify some of the tools and think what they would like to build. The Duplo bricks have been used to make some incredible buildings and the children explored the shapes to create some fabulous structures with great teamwork.

The junk boxes were out again and a Nursery band was formed with trumpets and shakers! Shapes were explored again when the children printed using different shaped bricks using paint. Even crackers were used to create some towers - with a little nibble here and there too of course!

Outside, sand and water were combined to make cement to secure the bricks together to make towers. The children loved using the saw and hammer to cut the wood and bang in nails to secure their pieces of wood.  We all had great fun playing the Three Little Pigs game and building the houses for the three little pigs! 

The children are enjoying their gym sessions and are all becoming super quick at putting on their socks and shoes - which is probably why they come home with inside out and upside down socks on!

As usual we have enjoyed all sorts of weather this week and managed to dodge most of the showers. We really enjoyed playing in the sunshine in between. Next week we are looking forward to sharing our favourite stories, as well as spring stories. Of course, there is also great excitement for the Easter Egg Hunt - let's hope for a sunny day! 


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