Our Form 3 cake sleuths

Form 3 have been out and about exploring habitats and investigating the mystery of the missing cake.

This week Form 3 enjoyed a super sunny Science lesson habitat hunting. They spotted blue tits, pond skaters and even managed to say hello to the chickens.

In Maths, the children have been challenging each other rounding numbers to 10 and 100 and practising their skills reading and writing 3-digit numbers. What amazing mathematicians they are!

Charlie and the Chocolate Factory continues. The children have been synonym searching, looking for interesting ways to describe Mr Willy Wonka.  What an astounding, brilliant, mastermind he is — thank you, Edward!

Form 3 are needed to solve a crime in ICT. A cake has gone missing from the staff room and the Form 3 detectives have to work out who the culprit is. The children are practising their skills using Google documents to record information and learning when it is safe to open an email.

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