Art, activities and appreciation

Form 6 had great fun putting together something special for Grandparents Appreciation Day next week.

The Form 6 children have had a busy week, with the return of clubs and the start of their workshops. It’s fantastic to see how excited the children are to be taking part in many different activities and how quickly they adapt to their new timetables. Looking ahead to next week, the children have their Humanities trip to Horton Kirby on Tuesday and their class assembly on Thursday. Exciting times!

During Form Time, the children have been preparing something special for Grandparents Appreciation Day next week. They had enormous fun on Wednesday putting it all together, and we think Mr McCarthy enjoyed filming it just as much as the children!

In Art, Mrs Farraway has been teaching Form 6 about the American abstract painter, Arthur Dove. They looked at his paintings and talked about the techniques he used. The children then used his artwork to inspire their own paintings and, in pairs or individually, they used acrylic paint to create their own landscapes on canvas. What beautiful artwork! Well done, Form 6.

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