Trees and their habitats

Form 3 have been planting radishes and investigating the habitats of trees.

Form 3 have been busy in the school grounds this week. They planted their radishes out in the Farm and have been exploring trees as habitats. They enjoyed a sunny Science lesson drawing a sycamore tree and searching for tree visitors.

There were more outside activities in Maths when the children measured areas of the school grounds. Other Maths activities have involved practising column addition and column subtraction.

In English, the children described how Charlie Bucket found the Golden Ticket providing entry to Willy Wonka's chocolate factory. They have also been turning statements into questions and looking at suffixes.

We continue the theme of inspirational people and have been looking at the amazing Elizabeth Fry. She reformed the prison service and can be seen on the back of a £5 note. She was so inspirational that one of our Houses at school is named after her.

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