An AMAZING trip!

Form 2 had a wonderful visit to Kent Life this week.

This week the children wrote rules for their school trip using modal verbs. They thought of some very sensible rules. We created an agreement for Form 2 to sign which was very exciting as they had to make up their very first signature! 

The trip to Kent Life was AMAZING! We arrived in plenty of time for our first workshop where we walked around learning about all the farm animals. We then went to see the fruits and vegetables growing. It was really interesting and the children asked some excellent questions.

Later we fed the sheep, which was a wonderful experience for the children. After that it was snack time and then straight on to learn about the Victorian era. This was really fun and very educational. The children decided that they would not like to work down the mines, in a factory, be a servant or sell things on the street.

The trip ended with a bumpy tractor ride. What a fun-packed trip! I must also add how well Form 2 behaved. Exceptional manners as always. I felt very proud to be their teacher!

During Maths the children have been working on worded problems using column addition and subtraction. The work the children are producing is excellent. They are all working so hard and recording their work extremely neatly in their books. 

In Science this week we went on a Forces Safari. We found many things that can be pushed, pulled and twisted. The swings were an interesting find, as the children experimented and discovered that you can push, pull and twist a swing.

During Humanities, Form 2 discussed special places. It was lovely to hear that Russell House is a special place to so many children in Form 2. The children explained why particular places are special to them, and shared some lovely thoughts and ideas.

The beans George left us are now growing. This is very exciting, but we still do not know which bean is the magic one. We will just have to be patient...

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