Venn diagrams and meditation

Meditation at the end of a lesson Buddhism was the perfect end to a hot day.

This week Form 2 have been working on Venn diagrams sorting pictures and numbers into the appropriate section. They thoroughly enjoyed the activity and worked really hard. The children solved problems connected to odd and even numbers and worked their way through a maze to reach a lost bike. They realised they needed to look at the end digit, so Miss Smith challenged the children to decide whether 5477968 was odd or even. They were too good and couldn't be tricked! 

During English, the children have been working on using 'an' and 'a' correctly. We used dictionaries to find objects or animals to make little books. The children enjoyed sharing their books with their friends in class. They have also been writing about tigers and know some amazing facts. 

Form 2 are learning about Buddhism in Humanities. We finished the lesson by meditating. We all tried to stop our minds and thoughts rushing about in order to have a still mind. It was a lovely end to a hot day.

Another fabulous, fantastic, fun week in Form 2.

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