Fun with grammar!

Form 6 have been playing grammar games.

Work carries on apace in English, with a heady balance of comprehension, grammar and creative writing. This week, we were looking at characters. We began by considering a description of a fairly foul yellow creature, which included phrases like fur 'as yellow as stinking sulphur gas, spewing from a volcano'. Most of the class agreed that it was definitely a nasty creature, and were very surprised when it turned out to be Lala, the Teletubby (don't tell any younger siblings - we don't want to ruin the surprise!).

Following on from this, we discussed how descriptions can alter our view of a character. The class were given one of two cartoon characters, for whom they had to create a backstory and descriptions to build up vivid personalities. We then used a children's book to help us create simple storylines into which they could put their characters. Finally, each child wrote a very effective story, using all the excellent tools in their 'English Utility Belt'.

We all learn best when we are having fun and Form 6 learnt this on Thursday in English when they played games which showed them that grammar can be fun too!

In Humanities, Form 6 has been exploring the rise of the British Empire. This week they investigated the colonisation of Africa, gaining insight into what was happening at the time and the impact of the events.

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