Gruffalo hunts and moon landings

Form 2 were busily preparing for their assembly to the Main School this week.

They performed very confidently telling the older children all about their Gruffalo hunt. They sang the Gruffalo song as well as a song they had made up in class about their hunt. The children loved watching the video the class had made.

In English, the children pretended they were going to the moon. They thought of many important items they might need once they arrived... teddy bears, chocolate, their pets, books, computers and sandwiches! It was great fun putting on space suits and flying off into space!

In Humanities, the children have been learning about Neil Armstrong. They made some excellent Apollo 11 spaceships out of plasticine. The children thought of many interesting questions, and we then researched the answers. Well done, Form 2!

During Maths, they have been learning about two- and three-dimensional shapes. The children constructed 3D shapes using plasticine. They found the task challenging, but persevered and all succeeded. In Science, Form 2 investigated the interior and exterior of the eye using mirrors and a model. A very busy week!

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