Our super shape sleuths

Form 3 have been uncovering 3D shapes all over the school grounds.

There has been a focus on shapes in Maths this week. The children made 3D shapes out of plasticine, and then discussed the properties of the shapes using words such as faces, edges and vertices. Then they went on a 3D hunt, and it was amazing how many different shaped objects they spotted around the school.

We moved on to learn about time. The whole class spent one minute carrying out various activities like writing numbers or their names on a piece of paper, and standing on one leg. Now they know how long a minute is! The children also enjoyed learning o’clock, half past and quarter past using the clocks. They finished the week with a game of What's the time Mr Wolf?

In English, the children have been writing riddles. It has been lots of fun guessing the animals in the riddles and the children created some excellent clues. They are very knowledgeable about animals which made the riddles fascinating.

In Humanities, the children continued to learn about transport and steam trains. Working in groups, they are designing their own trains which they will make next week using cardboard boxes. The children are very creative and their designs are amazing!

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