More adventures with light

Form 7 have been discovering what happens to light in water, and experimenting with filters.

This week has been Environmental Awareness week and Form 7 have been doing their bit. Many of the class walked at least part of their way to school on Wednesday, and have been getting into the habit of bringing their Terracycling items into school to be recycled. 

In Humanities, they are working their way through the Twentieth Century and are now looking at the causes of WWII. In English, as well as keeping exam practice ticking over, they have been flexing their creative muscles and writing contrasting character descriptions.

In Science, the class has been investigating the refractive properties of water. The children also experimented with filters to see how these change our perception of differently coloured objects. When a class member wanted to know why he didn't get white light when he put colour filters of the three primary colours of light over his torch, Mrs Carn explained that each filter would absorb a different part of the spectrum and so no light came through - hence it appeared black.

We did manage to make not only white light, but - as you will see from the picture below - a full colour wheel by working as a team. Each pair had a filter of a different primary colour and shone it on the table. As the three spots of light converged, we could see the secondary colours of light and finally white light. 

Congratulations to our class member who finished second out of nearly 150 competitors in the IAPS cross country event at the end of last week. 

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