All aboard the Rockets!

Form 2 have been working together to create some fabulous steam trains.

This week the children have thoroughly enjoyed writing interesting facts about animals. At the end of each lesson, they shared their knowledge, discussing what they had learned.

In our PHSE lesson, Form 2 visited the Farm and we talked about the environment and looking after animals. 

In Maths, the children are learning about time using o’clock, half past and quarter past. They were very excited to play What’s the time Mr Wolf? They are also using non-standard measures to measure items in the classroom. They were so good at this that they moved on to using rulers, identifying lengths in centimetres.

In Humanities, the children learnt about the invention of the steam train and converted the designs they had made last week into steam trains using cardboard boxes of varying shapes and sizes. Some of the trains they made looked just like George Stephenson’s Rocket! It was a fantastic exercise as they not only produced some amazing trains, but worked brilliantly together as a team. Another great week!

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