A spooktacular week!

Our topics this week in Russell Robins were Halloween and Spiders.

The Robins have had such a spooktacular week with all our Halloween activities.

The highlight of the week was meeting our special friend, Funnybones. We enjoyed looking after him and he accompanied us as we ventured around the school grounds. Funnybones enjoyed our music session with Miss Norford and he wiggled and jiggled to the music.

The Robins discovered spooky green cobwebs when they arrived at school on Monday morning. They enjoyed finding all the spiders hiding in the web. Later, we played hide and seek with the spooky spiders. The children loved this game too, and worked as a team to find them all. They identified various spooky images on our Talk for Learning board. They pointed to their favourite - with sweets being the most popular. There was lots of fun with the sensory tray when the Robins searched for a variety of Halloween items.

Our topic stories this week were Funnybones and Little Rabbit Foo Foo. The children's favourite part was when the Good Fairy turned Rabbit Foo Foo into a Goonie!

We made leek and potato ‘slime’ soup this week. The children passed around the vegetables and used some fantastic describing words.

We visited the cheeky chickens and the Robins found some pond skaters when we had a close look at our pond area. This was followed by a lovely picnic in the Outdoor Classroom and a story.

It was our Pre-Prep Coffee Morning on Friday, and we enjoyed showing all our work. Even Funnybones made an appearance. At the end of the week, it was time to say goodbye to our spooky friend and all the Robins gave him a high five. We look forward to your visit next year, Funnybones!


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