Investigating reaction speeds

Forms 6 and 7 carried out a sports science experiment testing their reactions.

In particular, the children wanted to see which sense (sight, sound and touch) reacted more quickly to a stimulus. Most thought sight would generate a faster reaction than the other senses.

Working in pairs, one person dropped a ruler and the other caught it. We then measured how far down the ruler it was caught and recorded this. The experiment was repeated three times in order for the results to be more reliable. The ruler was dropped at random to avoid the person anticipating it.

For the sight test, the person catching was allowed to look at the ruler and reacted when it was dropped. For the sound test, they closed their eyes and looked away while their partner shouted "Go!" as the ruler was dropped. For the touch test, instead of shouting, the person dropping the ruler touched the forearm of their partner.

We discovered that sound had the longest reaction time (not by much) of the three senses, while sight and touch were very similar. We also learned there was no major difference in the reaction times between Form 6 and Form 7 children.

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