Kings, castles and lots of noise!

What fabulous listening there has been this week in Nursery!

The children have been listening to Lullabyhullaballoo. With clanking knights, a stomping giant and slurping goblins, they have shown amazing recall of the characters and events in the story. 

The children made their own crowns, just like the crown the little princess had in the story. They used wands and brushes to make marks in the salt and glitter, and filled little pots with diamonds, bells and glass stones to make different sounds. The knights and princesses visited the castle, where lots of imagination was in evidence as the knights rescued the princesses from the tower. 

The children listened to sounds of various musical instruments and tried to guess which instrument was being played.

We went on a listening walk with our tick sheets to listen to sounds. There was great excitement waiting for a train to go by and shrieks of laughter when we heard the neighbour's dog barking! The Robins were the children playing and, in the music room, we heard children singing - what fabulous listening and understanding as they marked their sheets with a tick or a squiggle. 

Finally, we had a week of glorious autumn sunshine, so there was lots of fun playing together in the garden!


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