Watching a pin drop

Discover why Form 7 had their eyes pinned to pins in Science this week.

Over the next few Science lessons, Form 7 will be learning about methods of heat transfer. This week we started on conduction. The photos show Mrs Carn demonstrating how conductivity is different in various metals.  Drawing pins were attached to each metal rod with petroleum jelly. The end of the rod was heated. As the heat was conducted up the rod, the jelly melted and the pin dropped. Form 7 were charged with timing the drop of each pin.

In Humanities, Form 7 were looking closely at difficult decisions that had to be made in World War 2. The class was given various scenarios and had to make a decision based on 'What we would do?'. It led to some brilliant debate and provided excellent insight into what faced soldiers and decision makers at that time. We made sure we respected each other's opinions and realised that many of these decisions were almost impossible to make. It has helped us learn how to support our own opinions and express our thoughts to one another.

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