Starting with resolve...

Form 6 have been discussing resolutions.

Form 6 returned after the festive break with a fresh, energetic approach to lessons. This was very appropriate as they have embarked on a new topic in Humanities learning about Buddhism.

They started by learning about the story of Siddhartha Gautama, his quest for enlightenment and his journey to becoming the Buddha. Form 6 has been thinking about answers to philosophical questions such as: what are the key ingredients to happiness; and, if I could change the world, how would I change it?

One could argue that to change the world we may need to change ourselves first so with this in mind, Form 6 shared their New Year resolutions. They ranged from '...aiming to run more with my dad' to '...getting to school earlier'. Many children wanted to improve their musical abilities, particularly how much time they spent practising on their instruments. Some wanted to improve their chess playing skills, while others wanted to practise drawing more at home. It was pleasing to see some children wanting to independently improve their sports skills by practising more at home while others wanted to read more away from school.

There were some very sensible resolutions around spending less time looking at screens and one member of class wanted to be more confident in class when speaking aloud. Lastly, a number of children recognised the benefit of spending quality time with family and wanted to spend more time with their siblings - while also reducing the time spent quarrelling and fighting with them! If Form 6 can maintain these resolutions over the term, the world is next in line to be changed.

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