Method in the madness

A crazy exercise which relied on recognising word classes entertained Form 6 this week.

In English lessons this week Form 6 have been creating ‘madlibs’. By replacing certain words in a classic fairy tale, Form 6 came up with a rather silly new version. However, they had to be careful to use the correct word classes so that it made sense. Take a look:

It was a terrible summer day. The pig shone warmly on an old yoghurt near a river. Behind the house a mother duck sat on ten leaves. One by one all the eggs jumped open. All except one. This one was the biggest egg of all. Mother duck webbed and webbed on the big egg. At last it broke open, "Tchick, tchick!"

Out gobbled the last baby duck. It looked muscular and colossal. The next day mother high-heeled shoe took all her little ducks to the carrot. She sprinted into it. All her baby ducks jumped in annoyingly. The big hideous duckling jumped in too.

They all swam and strode together. The yellow duckling swam more bonkers than all the other ducklings.

"Hee-haw! Come with me to the farmyard!” said mother duck to her baby palm trees, and they all followed her there heroically.

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