Sports Reports: Netball

Catch up with results from the first netball fixtures of the term.

U11A v Walthamstow Hall: Our first netball game of the season was against Walthamstow Hall and we got off to a good start. Dorothy scored the opening goal and Eva proved strong in attack. Scarlett in defence and marking the shot was brilliant. Also Madison in centre was excellent chasing the ball - and very fast. In the second quarter Martha played a strong centre position and Charlotte did well, working hard at intercepting the ball in defence. The third quarter was our team's strongest when five goals were scored by Lexi And Eva - two very strong shooters. Dorothy and Martha worked well together in defence, not allowing any goals to go in. In the final quarter there were good efforts from Ella in defence, and Annabel found an open space to score an excellent goal. We were unfortunate to give the ball away a little too often and miss out on a win, the final score being 16-10 to Walthamstow Hall. Lexi was selected player of the match. Dorothy

U11B v Walthamstow Hall: Walthamstow Hall produced a strong team for our home match. Despite lots of passing between the Russell House team, Walthamstow Hall ‘s intercepting skills were superb. Thanks to Scarlett B for our goal! Our player of the match was also Scarlett B. Both teams were good sports during the match.  Emilia 

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