Mummies, a museum and circuits

After a visit to Maidstone Museum, Form 3 enjoyed a practical session of mummification.

As part of our Environmental Awareness Week activities, the children have been looking at the use of satellites to help track the health of our planet. They designed a logo to go on the side of the rocket that launches such satellites. They also discussed the melting of polar ice caps and the consequences for our planet and wildlife.

In Maths, the children are exploring the various methods of subtraction. In Science, they have been looking at insulators and conductors and experimented with different materials.

Our Humanities topic, The Egyptians, continues. The children had a wonderful visit to Maidstone Museum. They met Ka Tush, a mummified young lady about 3,000 years old. The children returned to the classroom to have a go at mummifying each other, trying to remember all the steps in the process.

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