Boats and floats

After discussing various types of water transport, Form 1 carried out an investigation.

This half-term has certainly flown by - or should I say sailed along happily - as this week we have been learning about lots of different water transport.

After reading Mr Gumpy’s Outing, the children tried a bit of punting in the classroom and then produced some delightful drawings and writing all about the story. We also did some rowing and even worked out how sailboats moved.

The children loved hearing about many other different ways of powering water vehicles and watching how they travel. While learning about how hovercrafts work, they also became much more aware of all the fantastic work done by RNLI volunteers. Submarines also proved to be a fascination and some excellent language and vocabulary was offered.

As part of this subject, the children had lots of fun discovering what sort of things float or sink. After making some excellent predictions, the children worked in pairs and experimented with everyday things around the class. By ‘doing’ rather than just talking about this subject, the children became so much more aware of the properties of different materials.

They were very surprised when a plastic counter sunk to the bottom of their transparent cup. They were particularly excited about cotton wool (and even some feathers) which floated to start with and then sunk!

This way of learning with little ones applies in every situation. As you can see from the photographs with our maths equipment, greater understanding unfolds when having a hands-on experience such as making patterns or putting pieces of Numicon together to see how numbers fit together.

Have a brilliant half-term and, if you fancy, please feel free to send Form 1 a postcard from where you visit during the holidays.


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