Poetry and motion

Form 3 have travelled back in time to Israel, then back to the future to contemplate how cars might function many years from now... with a bit of bowling in between! 


This week, Form 3 has been performing poetry and writing their own poems about cars of the future. There have been some fantastic descriptions:

“This is a car that is fast and quiet like a cheetah.”
“This is a car that is as quick as a lightning strike!”

In Maths, the children have been conducting surveys and creating tally charts, pictograms and block graphs from the survey data. They have also created a digital survey and transferred the data into a digital bar chart.

Form 3 went bowling in Science to explore forces and movement. They enjoyed mixing a bit of Sport with Science as they learnt about pushing, pulling and twisting.

In Humanities, we have started our new topic of Judaism. Form 3 has been using atlases and Google Earth to locate Israel and are learning about Abraham, the founder of Judaism.   

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