I see, I think, I wonder

This week in humanities, Form 6 have been building their observational skills and delving into a more analytical approach to exploring our rich past. 

When presented with an image, the pupils were challenged to consider the following phrase: I see, I think, I wonder. Each stage within this phrase requires a deeper level of thought and consideration as to what the picture can tell us. 

For example when pupils saw the image for the first time, they could see the lion emblems on the chairs and children playing at the feet of two important people. 

Pupils began to make comments like, I think that this is Queen Victoria and Prince Albert with their family and I think that blue may be the royal colour as they are both wearing sashes in that colour.

Form 6 were then asked to consider deeper thinking questions, a significantly more challenging task, and formulated the following questions:
I wonder why this photo has been taken - was there an important event to be commemorated?
I wonder if the child standing next to the Queen is favoured more than others as her arm is wrapped around her and her clothing is a different colour

Carrying out an activity of this nature makes us all think about the images that we see and challenges us to consider how much information we can extract and where this can take us on our learning journey. 

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