Putting things right

The children have written to George the giant to try to find out a little about him. They want to know what he eats for breakfast, what his favourite sport is, and much more…

George the giant is not very happy as he still has not found his golden hen and harp. The children have written to Jack to explain what he has done wrong. They have each written a persuasive letter to Jack to try to convince Jack to return all the stolen items. Hopefully, Form 2 can put things right for poor old George.

The children have planted some beans and they thought about how to plant the beans using time connectives. We wonder how tall they will grow?

In mathematics this week, the children have been working really hard with their times tables and problem-solving. Wow! Some amazing work going on in Form 2!

In humanities, the children talked about what they liked and what they didn’t like. They used magazines to cut out pictures to demonstrate their views. A really lovely lesson. Thank you for sharing your thoughts and opinions, Form 2.

In science, the children conducted an investigation to see how far cars travelled down a ramp when they were rolled down and then when they were pushed down. The children shared their predictions and they then measured them accurately.

The children made some wonderful masks to wear for the Backwards day on Friday. They are very excited to wear their masks and we are planning some backwards lessons too!


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