Our shop is open for business

It has been a busy week of learning about different materials and the 3 Rs. Last Friday’s backward day was hugely successful and a lot of fun.

One of the children had the idea of everyone in the class writing their name backwards and the results were spectacular. They also did a lot of walking backwards into classes and even up our steps. All the activities were so good to get their brains really working and thinking about their body movements. Some super writing and drawings about the day were also produced by the children.


As part of our work on Reducing, Reusing and Recycling our role play Charity Shop has now opened in Form 1, all organised and laid out by the children. Before the doors opened for business, the children had a fun time pricing up and labelling all the goods on sale. So much learning about numbers, money and negotiating skills was gained, although the children thought they were just playing. Naturally, once open, customers headed straight for the clothes rail and tried on a variety of stunning outfits!

Armed with magnets, the children had lots of fun walking around the school finding what objects were made of magnetic materials. They particularly enjoyed visiting Mrs Burness’s office, which turned out to have all manner of metal objects that could be picked up with their magnets. After concluding that if something was made of metal it would be magnetic, they were very surprised to find that an empty fizzy drink can was not attracted to their magnets. Their conclusions had to be rethought!

Apart from continuing to learn about different materials and how the 3 Rs apply, we have been learning about and discussing how to keep our teeth healthy. Prevention is always better than cure so lots of thought went into working out what food was good or bad for our teeth and the children took part in a sorting activity. The purpose and importance of brushing teeth properly on a regular basis was discussed and the children all seemed to grasp how important this was. A brushing teeth song was quickly mastered, which I am sure the children will be singing at home.


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