As part of Humanities Week, Form 6 have been taken back to the Middle Ages where longbows reigned supreme in the battlefields of Europe.

The children were tasked with three activities; firstly they had targets set around 7-10m away which they had to try and hit.

Secondly, ramparts had been drawn on one of the playground walls and children needed to see if they could shoot their arrow through the "crenels" (also known as carnels or embrasures) which are the gaps in the rampart wall.

Lastly, Form 6 pupils were challenged to loose their arrows over an imaginary wall to their target, forcing them to gauge the angle of trajectory and the amount of force required to hit their target.

Luckily for Form 6, half of the children had experienced some archery at their residential camps only a few weeks ago so they attacked the course with a healthy dose of confidence. 

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