Sport report: Cricket

Recap of this week's matches, written by Russell House players.

U11 A v Hazelwood: Man of the match was Christopher, being the only player not to get out. Sadly, we lost but Connor and Christopher scored us a lot of runs in the seventh and eighth overs. Alfie got two fantastic run-outs, one skimming the stumps and the other straight on. Connor bowled a lovely second over, getting a perfect wicket on the off stump. We could have fielded better and batted a bit straighter to avoid getting bowled out. Our bowling was good, but we bowled too many no balls and wides. We were beaten by a strong Hazelwood side, who were strong with the bat and very accurate when bowling. Dexter

U11 B v Hazelwood: Unfortunately the conditions weren't great as there was a light drizzle at the beginning of the match which left the pitch wet. This meant the ball didn't bounce much whilst the opposition bowled and it was very hard to hit as a result. The team as a whole did very well. On our side Oliver B and Arthur demonstrated some good bowling! I believe the man of the match should definitely be Logan. He was very supportive, did well in batting, fielding and carried the team along. The final score was a close 246-243 to Hazelwood. Xander
U11 C v Hazelwood: It was a bright, sunny day and perfect conditions for a cricket game. We started batting and Hazelwood started bowling, the first batting pair (Alex and Charlie) were outstanding and hit lots of fours and sixes. Michael and William also hit some amazing shots. Hazelwood had a strong batting team and hit three fours. Our fielding was also good, we were using training as a reminder to walk in with the bowler when they are bowling. It was an amazing match and both teams played well. The overall score was 90-90, so it was a draw! Varun
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