Keeping things cool

Our topics this week in Robins were Healthy Eating and Father’s Day

At the beginning of the week, the children enjoyed designing their own meals. The art table has certainly been very busy as the children were able to design their favourite foods. Pizza and pasta were very popular, along with peas and sweetcorn. To keep us cool this week, the Robins enjoyed making yummy cooling banana milkshakes. It was great to see the level of concentration and perseverance as the children carefully chopped their pieces of banana to add to our super cool milk. One Robin said the milkshake was delicious.

The children’s confidence has grown immensely over the term and this was evident when they shared their pictures during carpet time. They were able to explain the process and the resources they had used. 

Our Robins enjoyed making a special card for their daddies this week and also an extra something that was very colourful. The children thoroughly liked adding lots of colour and sparkles to their canvas boards.

As we are taking part in 30 Days Wild, we observed our bird feeder during snack time. We refilled our bird feeders in the morning and then we saw something very special on the feeder outside our window. The adult dunnock was feeding the juvenile. The Robins thought the juvenile dunnock was very cute when it flapped its wings, asking for food. We are certainly very lucky having our viewing window and it is lovely to watch the birds.

It has certainly been very warm this week and the children have all remembered to wear their hats. To keep us cool, we had lots of fun playing with water under the canopy. The children enjoyed pouring water down the slide into the bottom tuff tray. However, water kept escaping over the edge, so we placed a box underneath to catch all the spillages. We then worked together to carry the box and pour the water back inside the top tray. The Robins placed ducks at the top of the slide and watched them slide all the way doooown!

It was French Day on Thursday, so as a special treat we enjoyed some yummy French pastries. We warmed them in the oven so they were nice and crispy. This led to a fantastic discussion about hot and cold.

There has been lots of chatter in class this week and the Robins were excellent at singing our Days of the Week song. Their language and understanding is progressing each week and they are able to answer questions and recall the correct day. We use keywords such as: yesterday, today and tomorrow to extend their learning.

Next week will certainly be very busy as we have our school trip to Stonepitts Farm, followed by our Sports Day and Teddy Bears' Picnic on Tuesday. 

A quick note from Mrs Carn: Thank you to those that have sent in your pictures for the Grow Your Own Project competition. The deadline is Monday, it does not matter if you have only just started. We are all on different parts of the journey, so give it a go and share your story with Mrs Carn.


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