Camping and collecting

Camping and crime scene investigations have been the highlights of the past week.

Form 4 had a wonderful time at their camp last week.They had set the tents up in the afternoon and then arrived back at school at 6. The first thing they needed to do was find out who their 'tent mates' were and then organise their bedding. Everyone thoroughly enjoyed the BBQ and the various evening activities. Bedtime caused much excitement and the children dealt well with any nerves they had (copious amounts of teddies helped!). They were all up with the dawn and ravenous by breakfast time. There was just time to put down some of the tents before setting off, tired but happy, for home on Saturday morning.

There has also been time for more investigations into the scooter disappearance. The children carried out pH testing and discovered that egg white had been spilled at the crime scene. They also made close observations of the suspects shoes and hair and compared them to the evidence collected. I'm pleased to report that they are narrowing down their suspects.

A quick note from Mrs Carn: Thank you to those that have sent in your pictures for the Grow Your Own Project competition. The deadline is Monday, it does not matter if you have only just started. We are all on different parts of the journey, so give it a go and share your story with Mrs Carn.

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