Ready. Set. GO!

Transition started this week with the buzz and excitement of Sports Day. Having practised for our races and working in teams, we were all so excited to get stuck in with the fun on Tuesday.

The whole class have worked incredibly hard and displayed great amounts of enthusiasm for the special day. All the Pre-Prep teachers have been so impressed with how the children in Transition have taken part and excelled in all the races. Balancing beanbags, jumping over hurdles, weaving in between cones and fast running are some of the skills we have demonstrated throughout the day!

In continuation of our theme of jungle animals, we have had more opportunities to explore jungle related activities. This week, we had the chance to become ‘great experimenters’. We came into school on Wednesday to find our jungle animals frozen in our water tray. We knew that something was wrong! We set out to free the captured animals. We used lots of different tools to help us melt the ice.

Up, up, up go the umbrellas! Fortunately, we had no need for umbrellas this week. We have a superb collection of drawings for our weekly letter sound activity.

It was Transition's turn to host our Pre-Prep assembly this week. We revisited our trip to Lullingstone Country Park. It was delightful to see all the children stand up in front of their classmates and share their wonderful experiences. We also sang our new song I’m a little hedgehog, which we have been practising this week.

Almost all creativity involves purposeful play. Day by day, we are exploring all aspects of our play. With a wealth of resources and equipment within Transition, we are given fantastic opportunities to play. This week I have witnessed trains being made from the crates and tyres, fantastic constructions using various toys, teamwork, pride and determination. It has been a wonderful week full of joy and we are really looking forward to continuing next week.


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