A week at the seaside

This week in Transition, our topic has been holidays and the seaside.

Our classroom has been buzzing with the chat of our summer holidays and places we have visited. We shared lovely stories of special trips and adventures with our peers during circle time. It was delightful to hear about the incredible places our class has visited! We then took part in some creative writing activities. All children enjoyed drawing pictures of their trips and displayed great attempts at forming letters and words. This is a new experience for some of our class and we are incredibly proud of the effort that went into these pieces of work.

The seaside theme has also crept into our play. The children explored measuring by using the scales and shells in the water tray. We discussed how we can make the scales move and the difference between heavy and light. The water also made the scales move.

When going on holiday, it is important to pack a bag. Luckily, I had a bunch of super packers who helped me. Using great scissor control, we cut out items of clothing that we would like to take on our holidays. We then used glue to stick these onto our special suitcases. We also made super yummy ice creams to eat whilst we relaxed on the beach.

Our letter sound of the week is ‘f’. What a great start we have made on our letter sounds. Great suggestions were made; frog, food and forest. I was very impressed with the pictures too. We explored how to decorate our flip-flops using the bingo markers and thread penne pasta on pipe cleaners for the strap.

A busy week filled with creating, making and building. Well done, Transition!


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