Baking and making

Our topic this week in Robins was Recycling.

The Robins started the week by exploring our fine motor activity tray which had a bottom layer of recycled materials (made from 40 bottles). We had a couple of bananas left over from last week so rather than waste them, we reduced our waste by using the soft bananas in our spiced banana cake. Each Robin took turns to add the ingredients and they showed great control when pouring. 

The temptation was too much, so we had a cheeky sample in the afternoon and I must say, it was delicious. We also made a cake delivery to Mrs Tickner, Miss Norford, Mrs Parker and of course, Mr McCarthy. Everyone was super impressed with our baking!

As part of our topic, we watched a recycling video on our CTOUCH board, before playing a game in the Russell Hall. After a recap on the different types of groups, the children worked very hard to sort a pile of objects into the correct hoop. The hoops consisted of paper and card, plastic and tin cans. This sorting activity was great fun and it was good to see the Robins tidy away afterwards. Well done, Robins!

On Thursday, it was Languages Day. The children enjoyed dressing up and they liked our colourful activities. There was a special treat at snack time…oven baked pain au chocolat! Continuing the theme, we made French pudding. We hope you enjoy it. 


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