Heroes and our big world

Our area of interest about firefighters and how they help us, has led the children to talk all about what they think firefighters do.

They were fascinated to learn about the many different ways that firefighters might help. As part of their work this week, they have made a book about Floppy the Hero (which involves a fire in a barn). They have also drawn and written about firefighters, searched the room to find matching fire pictures and then looked closely around our room to see things connected with fires, such as our fire exit and our fire extinguisher.

The children had a great time taking part in a drama workshop which involved acting, dancing and playing games all based around witches (good ones), magic and dragons. The children made a magic potion and turned into an animal of their choice included unicorns, snakes, cats, dogs, pigs and much more. As you can see the children had lots of fun.

Our work on shapes has continued this week and the children, armed with clipboards and lists, have been hunting for shapes around the school and ticking them off their lists. They have also been reinforcing their understanding of 2D shapes by reassembling common shapes which had been cut in half. The triangle certainly needed the most thinking and it was lovely to see their pleasure at finding the solution after a lot of rotating and turning over of the pieces.

Whilst revising our letter sounds, we are now talking about the names of letters too. When making a collage of their initials, we took the opportunity to firstly help them work out what their initials were and also used the name, as well as sound, of their initials.  The result of their careful work is absolutely lovely and just like our mobiles, will soon be adorning the walls of our classroom.

However, the highlight of the children's week has definitely been dressing up in costumes of different countries or wearing the colours of different flags to take part in our Modern Languages Day. Much excitement ensued when they discussed what they were wearing and then drew as well as wrote about themselves. They also had lots of fun colouring and making a flag of a country of their choice. It is wonderful that so many of the class are either bilingual or speak a little of another language and it was a great opportunity for everyone to learn a few words in a different language. They were also confident to be recorded saying a few words in another language which was shown during the main school assembly.


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