The big debate

In humanities, Form 7 have been practising their debating skills on the topic of whether they should be allowed phones in school.

The children decided which side of the argument they were on by standing on either side of the classroom and then debated the case.
The justifications for having phones included:
  • it is a good way to keep safe, especially if you are walking home alone
  • learning can be easier for some people on a screen
  • it gives you something to do on long school trips

They suggested that a cheap phone might be good in school, so that they could contact parents, but not be distracted by games or the internet.

The opposition replied that having a phone at school:
  • is antisocial
  • it leaves out those who do not have a phone
  • and that school is a place for learning, not gaming or social media
  • and that we already have Chromebooks in school, so why would we need phones?
Although we suspect that the school rules won't change any time soon, the structured and well-thought-out debate was convincing from both sides. 
This week, we also enjoyed a music assembly from Mr Maslin, the Brass teacher and one of the class was lucky enough to have a go on the trombone, managing to actually get a sound out of it!
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