The colours of autumn

What a colourful time we have all had this week in Nursery, having listened to the story of the magical balloon in The Blue Balloon.

At the end of the story the balloon ends up with rainbow colours, so the children have been busy creating lots of colourful experiences and pictures. 
We started the week by exploring lots of conkers which Mrs Sayers found on her walk - there was great excitement to find the beautiful shiny conkers inside the prickly shells. We then added lots of other autumn objects for the children to explore - there were lots of nests made for the animals using the conkers, pine cones, autumn leaves and flowers and, of course, the favourite glass stones were added too. The children then took their learning further by finding bottles and containers to fill with the glass stones to make musical shakers.
As the autumn leaves are so gorgeous at the moment, we decided to gather some to make beautiful leaf prints by rolling and painting the leaves different colours and printing them onto the paper. The crunchy leaves were then stuck onto the stick tree trunks to make a wonderful autumn collage. The children loved dripping and spreading the sticky glue all over the paper and the sticks.
For their Special Books this week, the children explored a range of blue media to make marks and patterns using chalk, acrylics, pens, crayons, highlighters and pastels and observing the different shades of blue.
The children rolled the paint covered marbles in the paint and tipped the tray side to side and back to front to create colourful patterns on the paper - the tray was tipped so high that the little marbles were rolling all over the floor causing lots of giggles and laughter.
The children were amazing at blowing up the balloons with the balloon pump and then using the balloons to make prints in the paint to create circles of colour. We also had lots of giggles when we let the inflated balloon go whizzing around the nursery making a rude noise!
Different colours of paint, water and washing up liquid were mixed together with straws, followed by lots of blowing into the mixture to create colourful bubble mountains and volcanoes. There was so much blowing we thought the big bad wolf had come into Nursery! The children also enjoyed using the jug to add more water and washing up liquid to the mixture, and they had great fun exploring the bubbles with their hands.
Outside the children have been enjoying the autumn sunshine by building homes with the Lego, making a house with the crates, gutters and planks which also included a fridge for all the play food and ramps for the cars and trains by propping the gutters against the bench and the climbing frame. The small vehicles were busy in the coloured rice at the building site, so we had a very busy building week too.
It was so lovely to see so many of you at the Harvest Assembly and myself and Mrs Sayers were so proud of your children singing their Harvest songs and taking part in a whole school event with such confidence. 
We are looking forward to seeing you at our Pre-Prep Coffee morning next Friday.
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