Sport report: Hockey

Our players report on recent matches versus Steephill and Lingfield.

U10/U11B v Steephill: We drew 1-1 and I think we played very well. I scored the goal and Emily won player of the match. What I think we could do better at getting our feet out the way and not getting too stressed while we have the ball, because it could result in the other team gaining possession of the ball. Overall, we played very well and worked very hard. Connie

U10/U11C v Steephill: What a match! We all worked together as a team and helped each other, which is how we scored the goals. The final score was 6-2 to Russell House. Grace scored some fabulous goals! Dakota also scored a lot and helped set up many of the goals. Izzy and Niah scored a great goal by tricking the defenders going in different directions. On the other side of the pitch, Scarlett and Dakota also did some wonderful defending, and stopped several goals from the other team. Grace was named player of the match. Niah

U9A v Lingfield Prep: It was a very good match. Georgie and I made some strong tackles and Sophie was good at passing. Our defending improved as the match went on. Beatrix was brilliant, making some goal saving tackles and sending the ball up the pitch. We came very close to scoring on a couple of occasions. We worked well as a team, with Bella, Mia, Amelia and Ellie working hard at moving the ball in the midfield. Georgie got player of the match. Unfortunately, we lost 2-0, but everyone tried really hard. Georgia

U9B v Lingfield Prep: Our team did very well. We won 2- 1 and I am extremely proud of Tia as she nearly scored our 3rd goal, but it was just out of the D so it didn't count. I really liked how Beatrix went for the tackle and Isla always won back the ball. I think Catherine did great passes. Jessica always went for the ball and also did quite a good job. Isobel was excellent in defence and always pushed the ball to clear it. Tia also did a superb job. She did help me and Isobel to get the ball out of the way a lot. Well done everybody. Victoria

U8A v Lingfield Prep: It was a really close match, with the ball going up and down the pitch to both ends a lot. Lingfield scored first, but we scored 2 goals in the second half, one of which came in the last play of the game. We won the match 2-1 with the goals coming from myself and Annabel. It was a great match and we can't wait for the next game. Lucy

U8B v Lingfield Prep: It was a great game. Lingfield played very well and were great at defending. The game began with Clara and Rosie defending. Lingfield scored first, despite Clara's excellent goal keeping. We continued the game and Rosie quickly equalised with a great shot. We worked really well as a team and in the last quarter, I scored a goal so by full time Russell House won 2-1. I was super proud of my team. Amelie


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