The big bad mouse

It's been a busy time in Nursery this week about all things Gruffalo! It is definitely one of our favourite stories in Nursery as well as The Gruffalo's Child, about the big brave mouse.

The children love joining in with the rhyming words and, of course, laughing about the owl ice-cream, scrambled snake and roasted fox! We even made our own Gruffalo crumble using some apples from the paddock, which we had fun collecting last week. The children were fantastic at finding the big apples and we left the small and bruised ones for the birds. We then made the Gruffalo crumbly mixture to sprinkle on top of the delicious apples which we hope you enjoyed tasting too.
Pine cones, conkers, stones and logs were used to make a log pile house for the snake, an underground home for the fox and a treetop house for the owl. The mouse and the Gruffalo then went to find them and of course were met by the animals who were all scared of the Big Bad Mouse!
Some wonderful clay models were made by the children choosing different media to make orange eyes, black tongues, poisonous warts and terrible tusks to create their very own Gruffalos. 
This week for their Special Books, the children practised their pencil control by drawing the lines for the animals from the story - some super work from all the children and great recalling of the story too.
We had lots of bubbly fun in the garden, blowing bubbles using lots of different bubble wands, and we were amazed at how many bubbles the children could blow around the garden as well as waving the bubble wands to make huge bubbles too. To extend the children's learning, they then made their own ribbon wands by choosing and cutting the ribbons and wool to tie to their sticks, so we are sure there has been lots of magic happening at home.
Outside the children have enjoyed sweeping up the leaves which Mr Luke is very pleased about. They used the leaves and mud to make a delicious witch soup for Halloween and in the rain, they made an outdoor pool and a campfire. Apparently we are all going to the beach to stay in a tent! Some children were busy making a road way for the cars using the crates, gutters and planks on the garden wall, which the cars and trains sped along at great speed.
As I write this we are looking forward to seeing you all at Coffee Morning to show you some of the things we have been making this term and we wish you all a very happy half-term holidays.
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