I see, I think, I wonder

We are always encouraging the children to question the world around them and this week's humanities and Form Time sessions have been no exceptions.

Having written their first essays on life in the trenches of World War One and created their fantastic trenches as homework, the class was shown this curious picture of a tank and wrote down their thoughts, questions and observations. For the actual explanation, ask your son or daughter! 
In Form Time, we discussed the characteristics which make people unique. The children suggested that people differ in their opinions, likes and dislikes, family structure, height, beliefs, nationality, hair colour, reaction to different circumstances and many more.
We discussed whether it was acceptable to point out other people's differences and they decided that as long as differences are discussed in a positive, non-judgemental light, we should definitely talk about the things which make us individuals. We talked about how many people these days are nervous to engage with others in conversations which might be deemed taboo, but that actually, we can and should learn from the differences in the people around us.  
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