Thankful thoughts

This week the children have been learning all about the American celebration of Thanksgiving which was on Thursday.  The children had some good guesses about what was meant by the word Thanksgiving and it became much clearer when I split up the word and changed it around to giving thanks!

Lots of fun was had as the children learnt how this lovely celebration first started many years ago with the arrival in America of the Pilgrims on the Mayflower. As you can see they had turns at trying on a Native American headdress as well as a Pilgrim’s bonnet.  They also learnt how Thanksgiving is celebrated nowadays and, as with most celebrations, they heard how families get together to enjoy a big meal which has a turkey at the centre of the table. The children were also shown a snippet from the exciting Macy’s parade and they had lots of fun identifying the huge character balloons that drifted past on the screen.

With turkey taking centre stage, the children have also made some colourful pictures whilst making some very realistic gobbling noises. I think the children were quite surprised with such a celebration taking place, which seemed a bit like Christmas to them, that there were no presents exchanged. Instead, one of the traditions that the children learnt about was that after every Thanksgiving meal, all those present would sit around the table and tell everyone what they were most thankful for. Following suit with all the tables pushed together to have our snack, the children all took a turn to say what made each one of them feel thankful. There were some lovely ideas and the children had fun drawing and writing their Thankful Thoughts down on paper. We all decided that we were very lucky and had much to be thankful for.

Numberwork continued on the theme of Thanksgiving with children dashing around the classroom counting quantities of different traditional Thanksgiving food such as turkey and pumpkin pie. They then had to write the numbers in the relevant place on their sheets. We also had a game of Thanksgiving Bingo! The children enjoyed making Thanksgiving cards which they displayed during the assembly that they held for Pre-Prep and Form 2. They were also able to show the pictures that they had drawn and tell everyone why they were thankful.  There were many reasons to be thankful, some of which included being thankful for; "My nana because when we stay with her we have scrambled eggs", "My old grandma that comes to my house", "My school", "My slinky", "My brother", "My cousins because I like sleepovers with them", "The world and my life" and many more delightful thoughts. We all agreed though that in this very cold weather we are very thankful indeed to have full tummies and lovely warm beds in which to sleep and feel safe. 


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