Countdown to Christmas

The first day of December has started the countdown to Christmas Day. However, Christmas has well and truly already arrived in Form 1 and the children are so excited.

In anticipation of the great day, they have been using their mathematical skills to make advent calendars in order to count down the days until Father Christmas arrives.  As each day passes, they fold down a point on their calendar and then the number of points still standing lets them know the number of sleeps left. We also have a very large elf that sets the class a challenge each day such as Sing Jingle Bells, or it might be a question asking the children to name all the reindeer that pull Father Christmas’s sleigh. Each child has the opportunity to find the appropriate number on the elf, pull out the instructions from his numbered pocket and then read out the daily challenge. Another lovely tradition in Form 1 is to light our Christmas candle which we burn until each appropriate number disappears whilst we read a Christmas story with all the lights turned off and blinds down. Again the children will take it in turns to blow out our candle. The children absolutely love this and it certainly makes us all feel very Christmassy

Naturally, the glitter is out and the children have had lots of fun making a beautiful nativity scene which is now on display. They have also been creating and writing in cards and labels. As always, children love the act of giving and surprising the people they love, so we are not going to mention the other surprises they have been making. 

We are pleased to say that our class postbox is now on display and ready for any cards that the children might wish to send to people within the school.

It has been a delight rehearsing our Christmas performance with the class who are quite spectacular. The songs are well and truly in my head, so I am sure by now you also know all the words to all the songs as I expect the children have been singing them at home on every occasion possible. The children (and staff) can’t wait for you to see them performing on stage next week.


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