Code crackers

It's nearly Christmas and Form 7 has been thinking about crackers.

That is to say code crackers! Having studied the important work carried out by Alan Turing and his Enigma machine team at Bletchley Park, the pupils turned their own hands to solving puzzles in a short amount of time. Logic, teamwork and focus were the most important traits needed for these tricky codes and the level of competition and enjoyment was high.
In science, we discussed home insulation. It was demonstrated how porous a brick is and the pupils were feeling the difference in temperature between the window and blind, to understanding how much curtains will cut down thermal loss by convection and conduction. 
We learnt a little bit more about one of our classmates this week, when she led an assembly on her Ukrainian heritage. She planned and presented the assembly with confidence and clarity and we all now know a little bit more about both her family and life in Ukraine.
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