We hope it snows!

Form 2 performed their Christmas play Snowy Friends. The children were remarkable and they all looked amazing. Form 2 spoke clearly and sang their hearts out. Well done, Form 2!

They have been consolidating their 2, 5 and 10 multiplication tables by playing Hit the Button. This has caused a lot of excitement as they are trying to beat their top scores. The children enjoyed measuring items in the classroom using rulers, and they were very accurate.

In humanities, they were learning about Ireland and Wales. They have enjoyed locating the capital cities on the map. The children have learnt the flags of the United Kingdom too.

In the computer lesson this week, the children were coding. They designed their own app at the end of the lesson. They added characters, designs and objects and they made the objects move in different directions by clicking on the characters or objects.

In science, Form 2 went on a sound walk and they heard many different sounds around the school. They were excellent at recording all that they had heard.

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