Quel temps fait-il?

Form 4 have settled down well after the Christmas break and have been working hard.

In English, they have been writing poems and trying to include a range of figurative language. There were excellent examples of similes, metaphors, alliteration and even idioms in poems about dragons and abandoned houses.

The focus in maths has been on place value, including some tricky decimals and negative numbers. Humanities saw the introduction of the Anglo-Saxons and the reasons why they invaded England. The children were very surprised to find out that the Scots actually came from Ireland.
They have begun the new topic of Rocks and Soils in science and used magnifying glasses to look at various different rocks. They classified them using terms such as rough, smooth, flat and multicoloured and then looked at some of the things we use rocks for.
In French, the children have been looking at the weather. They mimed types of weather for each other to guess, repeated the correct vocabulary back and practised asking and answering the question, Quel temps fait-il?
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