Together again

Happy New Year to all of you - we hope you had a lovely festive break! 

We are very excited to see the children back in Nursery and settling down to another fun and busy term. Mrs Sexton and I have been delighted to see how the children have been playing and learning together this week. In fact, one of the children told us I am going to play with all my friends together in the garden
In the classroom the children have been exploring the construction sets and building some amazing models by joining pieces together and following the pictures on the instructions. The playdough has been made into all sorts of wonderful cakes, cookies and pasties for us to enjoy.
The children decided to go on holiday, so they packed their case and bags and each made a ticket. The pilot took us to Australia, Spain and Denmark. Of course the Paw Patrol dogs and vehicles have stimulated some fabulous imaginative play including some great wooden models made for the dogs to enjoy. The children have enjoyed dressing up as Superheroes, princesses and dogs and we all enjoyed playing musical chairs and musical statues which were remembered by the children from our Christmas party! The children did some super singing and action songs in music with Ms Norford, as well as playing their own musical patterns using a beater and a chime bar.
There was some very careful balancing of bricks when we all joined in with a game of Jenga, which one of the children had brought in to share with us. We managed to carefully extract about eight bricks before the structure collapsed in a heap!
In the garden there have been some fantastic sand castles built with twig flags and a most delicious currant pie made by combining the rain water, sand, mud and twigs. Between the showers we played What's the Time Mr or Mrs Wolf? with some very enthusiastic wolves and piggies!
We are looking forward to our story of Goldilocks and the Three Bears next week, when there will be oats flying everywhere!
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