Chinese New Year

Form 4 put on an excellent performance for their class assembly this week.

They told the rest of the school all about Chinese New Year, and then they acted out the story of how the order of the animals was chosen. They all spoke clearly and confidently and there are certainly some budding young actors in the group.

There has also been plenty of time for other subjects. In humanities, they were given pictures of the treasures found at Sutton Hoo and asked to try and work out what they were used for. Some, like coins and a sword, were very straightforward, but others proved more perplexing. A set of decorated shoulder clasps produced some particularly imaginative answers.
In science, they have been looking at how different rocks are formed and designing their own experiments to test the hardness of various rocks. They have been consolidating their knowledge of column addition and subtraction in maths.
In music, we enjoyed using the chime bars to tap out a beat played on the piano and they had fun passing a ball around according to the words in the song.
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