Goldilocks and the three bears

What fun we have had this week with all the porridge oats flying around the nursery and garden while cooking bowls of porridge for the three bears and Goldilocks!

The children have been looking at size and matching the sizes of the spoons and bowls for the three bears when scooping the oats into the bowls, and trying to hide them from Goldilocks. The children have loved listening to the story and joining in with the different voices of the three bears when they find what has happened in their cottage. We have also read Chair for Baby Bear about the Bear Family going to buy a new chair to replace baby bear's chair! We also read the funny story about Goldilocks and the Three Badgers which had us all giggling and laughing. 
The children persevered cutting the felt to design their own bear's face for our Goldilocks display which looks fabulous in our classroom. As usual, one of the best bits was squeezing the sticky glue onto their plates. They continued with their cutting skills to cut around the characters from the story to make stick puppets to retell the story, which we hope you have enjoyed doing at home. 
There was some great building and balancing with the wooden bricks to make houses, chairs and beds for the bears. An amazing boat was made for the bears and Goldilocks, using the sizing boxes and the wooden bricks too. 
The children really thought about what they wanted to draw in their Special Books by choosing their favourite character from the story and there were some amazing pictures drawn by the children, showing understanding of drawing enclosed shapes to represent different objects. 
Inside the classroom, the children have also enjoyed investigating the magnets, writing shopping lists and balancing marbles onto golf tees. 
In the garden, it has been a fabulous week to investigate the ice! The children found different natural objects and added water and string, which we then left overnight to freeze. In the morning we found the water had turned into ice and we hung the ice ornaments onto the tree, which looked so pretty sparkling in the sunlight. Of course, we had our weekly barbecue also made with ice! The children had so much fun finding the ice in the mud kitchen and smashing it into small pieces using the utensils and the metal saucepans. There was so much ice it filled the wheelbarrow.
We are looking forward to one of our favourite books next week, Big Box, Little Box; and we are hoping to find some more huge boxes for our activities.
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